kerala style plan of a two storey bungalow

kerala style plan of a two storey bungalow

Comes with unique form via series of formal maneuvers around a mature tree located on its long and triangulated sliver of land, Lien Residence offered comfortable place and private zone. Lien Residence is a single storey bungalow with zig zag shape in Singapore designed by Singapore Studio Ministry of Design. Singapore is a tropical country, so the zig zag shape helps to avoid an existing tree, creating courtyard spaces that are sheltered from the weather but still admit light and breezes to the interior and basement level.

Viewed as a seamless singular form, the building looks as both sheltering building as well as abstracted sculpture. One more interesting feature of the house is building’s roofscape provides the final design touch, where diagonally-patterned planted roof. Slightly lofted over the ground, the house is split in three sections, an entertainment zone, a family zone and a private master zone. For more information about this house please check out the pictures below.








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