Fap Ceramiche Catalog 2010

Fap Ceramiche Catalog 2010

Adding a modern and luxury style to your kitchen and bathroom space could be an easy task to do with this latest collection of modern futura wall tile for kitchen and bathroom by Italian company Fap Ceramiche. Futura wall tile boasts a blend of tradition and innovation to deliver the latest looks. These contemporary futura diamond-cut wall tiles come in a trendy horizontal subway style measuring 15 by 56 cm, and feature a chic satin finish atop a range of cool colors to bring a fresh face to your space.

Start by highlighting your home’s best features. Draw attention to the kitchen work area with a sophisticated modern tile backsplash, and frame your bathroom’s shower and tub with just the right color combinations to set your mood. For some added interest, incorporate matching mirrored tiles into the pattern. For more information visit Fap Ceramiche site – here.







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